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2 M a y 2 0 1 8 Don't Just Retire... Retire Strategically. Mark Chioda Managing Director/CEO • Income Planning • Insurance • Social Security Planning • Annuities • LTC ...and more! Call 908.797.3881 We'll Make Your Money Work For You! retirement planning services Shirley (Sherry) Havens CRS, GRI, SRES ® Sales Associate Because the Right Realtor Really Makes the Difference. Questions About Real Estate? Ask Sherry Over 30 Years Serving Huntercon, Somerset, Warren and Morris Counties cell: 908.507.4927 office: 908.735.8080, ext. 145 Like I don't have enough to worry about? I accidently tuned into the Weather Channel's program on The End of the World. I'd already come to terms with Trump and Kim Jong Un ending the world before the Christmas holidays so this was a new concept to mull over. Apparently there are "rogue planets" whose reason for existing is to disrupt orbits and harm other planets. Earth is near the top of their list. There is a big telescope somewhere in Hawaii that observes all this chaos, but a lot of good it is to "observe". Shouldn't someone be creating some sort of planet defense? Worrying has been a life-long pastime for me. My son even bought me a book about how not to worry designed to rid the myriad thoughts that seep into my brain in the form of worries. It certainly does no good to worry but, like eating Edy's Chocolate Mint Chip ice cream, I can't seem to stop. Fred used to offer to take over worrying about the weather before a predicted major storm, thinking it might allow me to be free of worry for a few hours. You can't treat worrying like a blood donation so it didn't work, of course, but bless his heart anyway. I worry about things in the house breaking down – well pump, furnace, treadmill, dryer. I worry about things in my body breaking down – knees, back, left foot. This DOES NOT guarantee a breakdown-less life. It simply increases the stress and misery. So why do I persist in such a reward- free endeavor when my main concern at age 90 should be focusing on the after life? I've learned that there are two kinds of worry. Productive (leading to positive changes in your life) and Unproductive (leading to anxiety attacks and nervous breakdowns). I tend to gravitate to the latter. Apparently it might help alleviate the symptoms by keeping a daily record of worry called self-monitoring. That would require reams of paper and hours of time. It would put an abrupt halt to walking, eating, sleeping, etc. Now that's something to cause genuine worrying. I give up! Ruth Keesing has published a revised edition of her booklet "What Do I Do Now?" – a practical guide for surviving the tasks associated with the death of a loved one. It addresses Probating a Will, Social Security, Military Benefits, Funeral Information and other relevant subjects. And, most importantly, What To Do While Everybody is Still Alive. If you're interested in purchasing a copy, email Ruth @ Locally Owned and Operated by Phil & Diane Koury 185 Center St. Clinton 908.735.4499 NOW HIRING SMILING FACES! For: SUMMER, OPENING and CLOSING (14+ years old) The North Hunterdon High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association is gearing up for the end of the 2017-2018 school year! • Tuesday YOGA is open to the public and still only $5 a class! It is held at the high school in room 234. Send an email to Lisa to be included in any last minute changes: • May 4: 8th Grade Move-Up Dance, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm – Students from all sending districts are invited to be a part of North Hunterdon High School's longstanding tradition. Welcome Class of 2022! For further details and permission slip, click on the following Move-Up Dance link at: nhhs/ptsa/activity-resources/freshmen-move-up-dance. • In June the PTSA will fund Project Graduation with your financial and volunteering support. The graduates will spend their graduation night at FunPlex in Mt Laurel, NJ. The event keeps our sons and daughters in a drug, alcohol-free and safe environment to celebrate their high school careers. Scholarships are available for students that need it. Please see the sponsor form (on page 17) if you would like to make your tax-deductible donation to help keep our children safe that night.

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