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1 N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 5 CLINTON TOWNSHIP Newsletter ® –Julie Fl�nn I'm ever hopeful that one of my columns will lift your spirits occasionally. But actually writing a column that will enhance your life is long overdue. So, not unlike Martha Stewart, I will impart a modicum of knowledge to Newsletter readers that might make your lives easier. I find that making lists is the ultimate secret to maintain order, reduce stress and ultimately predict what direction most days will take. There is, of course, NO way on earth any list will prevent all the detours life has in mind! But if I list a week's worth of activities, I can then compile a week's worth of menus to coincide with the planned activities. I mean it's unwise to schedule a turkey dinner if you are going to spend the day watching a Bradley Cooper movie at the nearest AMC theatre. Life goes more smoothly for me if I make lists. And one of the greatest joys for me is crossing off completed items – especially doctor's appointments and dreaded chores. I do enjoy spontaneity occasionally – like saying "To h--- with it all!" and escaping to Round Valley for a picnic lunch. In addition to the above I have picked up some moderately useful information I will pass on to you: • Want to keep that last cupcake on the plate fresh and maintain a tidy frosting? Place it under an inverted wine glass. I find it especially rewarding to down a full glass of Zinfandel first. • I use dryer sheets to make my closet smell nice and tuck a few sheets in the underwear drawer. They're also great to clean plant leaves. • If you don't exercise first thing in the morning, chances are you won't get around to it later in the day. You could live to be 87 years old with the proper exercise regimen. I have! • If I don't use something for 6 months I get rid of it. De-clutter. De-clutter. De-clutter. I threatened Fred with this message and he immediately became more useful around the house. • I take delight in being rude to telemarketers whose area codes range from upstate New York to downstate Virginia. It cleanses any anger residue left over from life's many tribulations. Finally, and absolutely the best advice of all. Take time to be selfish!!! Say NO more often and stick to it. YOU must be very near the top of your priority list. Be aware of how unique – how very special you are. At the risk of revealing my modest side, I do so enjoy being ME. Bet you're wondering how you've lived this long without all this valuable information. The Clinton Township Newsletter is always at your service. I ' v e s e r v e d o n t h e B o a r d o f Commissioners of Crime Stoppers of Hunterdon County since its inception and, since then, CSHC has amassed an impressive record of assisting law enforcement in solving crimes in Hunterdon County, all through the many anonymous tips we've received. A non-profit organization of civic-minded individuals, Crime Stoppers provides a way for people to safely and anonymously report information about criminal activity to law enforcement. Cash rewards can be paid if the information leads to an arrest or indictment. "When we started Crime Stoppers of Hunterdon County three years ago our focus was to provide an anonymous tip system for our community to communicate with law enforcement. Crime Stoppers has been really successful as we have had many tips that have led to arrests. What we didn't expect is that these arrests are also resulting in not just keeping our community safe but also helping the families and those affected by these crimes get help", stated Lesley Gabel, Chair, Crime Stoppers of Hunterdon County. "One situation we keep coming across is that of wanted fugitives for narcotics; our arrests help guide them into getting the treatment that they so desperately need", said Chief Sebastian Donaruma. "Crime Stoppers has been a tremendous help to law enforcement. The Hunterdon County tips and leads have led to the apprehension of persons involved in crimes such as sexual assault, burglaries, narcotics distribution, criminal mischief and criminal assaults", said Michael Nugent of the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office. Crime Stoppers is fortunate to have a great partnership with our law enforcement and the prosecutor's office. The Prosecutor's Office reviews tips and disseminates them to the proper law enforcement agency or unit within the office almost as quickly as they were received. This quick action is vital to crime fighting. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and the ability to dialogue with tipsters anonymously is facilitated by a system that is unable to be tracked. "The relationship between law enforcement, private citizens and industry is invaluable in fighting crime" stated Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns, III. Crime Stoppers also presented a program to teach community members how to avoid being a victim of crime. Representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation spoke about Physical Security and Identify Theft, a data expert spoke about cloud security, a noted industry expert spoke about refusing to be a victim, and Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns, III reported on the State of the County and current Crime and Drug Trends. Crime Stoppers receives no government funding. We raise money by holding an annual gala which honors prominent members of the community who have aided the cause of law and order in Hunterdon County. Please join us at this year's Annual Gala on November 12 at the Grand Colonial in Hampton. We'll recognize the Honorable Stephen B. Rubin, JSC (retired) and former Crime Stoppers board member Robert Stephenson. To become a Crime Stoppers sponsor or to buy tickets to attend the gala, contact Crime Stoppers at: and click on "Annual Gala." I hope to meet you at this fabulous event! Thank you in advance for supporting Crime Stoppers of Hunterdon County! November 2015 November 2015 Jie Fly, Edit Jie Fly, Edit "If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we would all be much happier." ~ John Wooden "Move Over, Martha" b y R u t h K e e s i n g EDITOR'S COLUMN b y J u l i e F ly n n Since 1982

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