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3 d e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 As this issue goes to print, we've just been through a tumultuous election (we all knew that was going to happen, right?), and, according to the CDC, (, states are continuing to break daily records of Covid-19 cases (over 160,000/day). Add to that the fact that a large amount of the American West burnt down this year, and that we've had more big storms coming off the Atlantic than any previous year and, yes, 2020 was possibly the hottest year on record, worldwide. However, two of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies have just announced that their Covid-19 vaccines appear to be 90% and 95% effective against the disease, giving all of us hope for a possible end in sight to this terrible pandemic. Many people I know are looking forward to saying goodbye(!) to the year 2020, and hello(!) to the new year, 2021. Tennyson's quote on the cover reflects that thought and, since Alfred Lord Tennyson died in 1892, we know this longing for a better tomorrow isn't new. I've read a lot of history and I know for certain that, despite it all, our lives are far better than those of our ancestors. Once, while I was in college, I was lamenting over one thing or another, adding with a longing sigh, "I can't wait for tomorrow/Friday/the weekend/ Spring break/graduation!" Honestly, I can't even remember what I was complaining about or wishing for, but I'll never forget my good friend's response, "Don't wish your time away." Really wise words, in my opinion, coming from a then-20-year-old. That thought has stayed with me ever since. For example, when I was monetarily making next-to-nothing early in my career in NYC, but enjoying the delicious taste of being self-sufficient, added to the new-found freedom of early adulthood... when my husband and I were raising our young children, thoroughly exhausted much of the time, but thrilled to be parents of three wonderful human beings... when both of us were working 2-3 jobs each to support them, but making it work... during every winter when all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray, but it's beautiful... in the middle of the stress of our children's college searches and the ensuing college application process, but thrilled with the results... and so on. Since this issue is going to print before Thanksgiving and Christmas, I still have no idea what my family is doing for those holidays. While we really want to be with more of the extended family to celebrate and to console one another (we've lost several loved ones this past year as, I'm guessing, you have too), I think it might be just us. We'll figure it out. In the meantime, I'm going to make a concerted effort to enjoy this day, this hour, this minute – as it is. I hope you can too. Carol Beder's from SHADES | MOTORIZED SHADES | BLINDS | DRAPES | PLANTATION SHUTTERS You Deserve Them! 908.236.2688 14 Lebanon Plaza n OUR ADVERTISERS SUPPORT US. PLEASE HELP US BY SUPPORTING THEM. 21 Cratetown Road • Lebanon, NJ 08833 (908) 735-8336 • Visit Now Enrolling 2021 Campers th 70 Summer Season - Ages 4-13 In the of Hunterdon County Employment Opportunities Available –– Julie Flynn Wishing You and Yours Comfort & Joy during this Christmas & Hanukkah season.

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