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2 O c t O b e r 2 0 1 8 Don't Just Retire... Retire Strategically. Mark Chioda Managing Director/CEO • Income Planning • Insurance • Social Security Planning • Annuities • LTC ...and more! Call 908.797.3881 We'll Make Your Money Work For You! retirement planning services Why does everything take so long to heal after age 65? There are light bulbs designed to last a lifetime. So why are knees and hips and shoulders very often in need of replacement before lifetimes end? I've been having my share of ailments that seem as if they will NEVER get better. A nasty rash lasted nine weeks in spite of creams and salves and ointments and, finally, oral medications. As a youngster I healed from both measles and chicken pox in far less time. And I knew those diseases would not re-occur no matter how long I lasted. Weeks of physical therapy finally eased the pain in my right foot. Although I still spend a lot of time crunching my toes with the fervent hope that preventative measures will do the trick. My son had several bouts of Vertigo. His physical therapy is remedial because, apparently, there are no preventative fixes available. Does that mean it will never "get better"? As a kid I fell off my tricycle and then my two-wheeler dozens of times. I'd end up with scrapes and bruises that all but disappeared in a few days. At age 75 I rode my bicycle on a bumpy road in Cape May and sadly managed to fall off , suffering a bad gash in one foot and a twisted ankle on the other side. This necessitated a trip to the local Emergency Room where they politely suggested I give up future bike riding and take up crocheting doilies instead. What's fair about that? In the distant past a sniffle or sore throat or even a fever might mean missing a day or two of work. Now those very symptoms mean ten days on an antibiotic and visions of being hospitalized for pneumonia. Each and every pain translates into a possible ICU residency. Being hospitalized is no guarantee you'll "get better." My Dad used to say, "Just get used to..." whatever ailment beset me. "In time," he would add, "you'll either get better or die." Doesn't sound too comforting, but there is some truth in it. I'll still take my chances with the "ologist" of choice. I'm well aware that sooner or later my "use by" date will turn into an "expiration" date. But I'm not a bit fond of the idea. Human bodies should have been designed without so many obvious flaws. Our "architect" was remiss in the joint and muscle departments. If there is an after-world I'm going to see what I can do about it. And I promise to put an end to sagging faces and underarms. At least I'll give it my best shot! Shirley (Sherry) Havens CRS, GRI, SRES ® Sales Associate Questions About Real Estate? Call Sherry, Your Clinton Township Specialist & Neighbor – Because the Right Realtor Really Makes the Difference.! Over 30 Years Serving Huntercon, Somerset, Warren and Morris Counties cell: 908.507.4927 office: 908.735.8080 Locally Owned and Operated by Phil & Diane Koury 185 Center St., Clinton | 908.735.4499 "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." ~ L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables Ruth Keesing's booklet "What Do I Do Now? A practical guide for surviving the tasks associated with the death of a loved one", addresses Probating a Will, Social Security, Military Benefits, Funeral Information and other relevant subjects. And, most importantly, What To Do While Everybody is Still Alive. If you'd like to buy a copy, please email Ruth @

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