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It never fails. Just when we think an issue is almost perfect, have gone to print and are halfway through printing, we discover it: The Glaring Mistake. So, what was the big- gest mistake in our last issue? We had the words "January 2015" on the cover. Awesome. We also had the words (in small type, on the same cover) "January 2014." Not so awesome. Oops. This is the kind of thing that keeps us very humble. I guess we had a harder time letting go of 2014 than we thought? Anyway, moving on, during this month of love I'm listing 5 things that I love about Clin- ton Township, starting with the fifth. Perhaps your list is the same? Different? Let us know at: 5) You're Wealthy. Okay, I know this sounds superficial, but think about it. Because our residents are some of the wealthiest (per capita) in the country, you all can afford to support your childrens' passions, support our schools, support our non-profits... in short, your money creates a great support system throughout Hunterdon County. I don't count my family in your socioeconomic status, but I can appreciate all that comes from all that you do and contribute to make our Township great. The Bureau of Economic Analysis ranked our county as having the 19th-highest per capita income of all 3,113 counties in the United States (and the third highest in New Jersey) as of 2009. 250 Highest Per Capita Personal Incomes of the 3113 Counties in the United States, 2009, Bureau of Economic Analysis. 4) You're Healthy. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Annual Public Health Checkup, Hunterdon County is home to New Jersey's healthiest people for the fifth consecutive year (www.County- The benefits to all of us are many. The priorities of our residents are solid. You all are physically active and doing all you can to stay healthy – young and old alike. 3) You're Wise. When I first started writing this column, one of the moms I know stopped me one day and said, "Wow, it must be pretty daunting writing your column for this town. I mean, think about the high intelligence level of our residents, the colleges and universities they've attended, and the number of degrees that they've obtained. It must feel pretty intimidating to write for all of those people." Well, I hadn't felt intimidated... until right that minute, when suddenly I found it hard to walk, much less think about writing a column. However, her point was valid – you all, even the least educated among you – are a pretty smart group. 2) It's Beautiful. When we first moved here 17 years ago, it seemed every corner we turned was an ohmygoodness moment. Driving down Cokesbury Road towards 22, 629 along the reservoir and towards the Town of Lebanon (or the other way for that matter), Bissell Road, Petticoat Lane, Valley Crest Road... too many scenic roads to list here. 1) You. I always say this, but I am so happy to live in a town that's full of really sweet people. Even those among you who profess yourselves to be not-so-nice are actually really nice deep down. The people of Clinton Township will drop everything to help one-another, to help resi- dents on the other side of the Township, and those in need throughout our County and State. I feel privileged to live here with you. It's a few weeks before my 87th birthday and I'm aware of many things I might have done that could have enhanced my adult life (maybe). I tried being a Girl Scout. I tried. But camping out has NEVER been my thing. The first overnight campout included a huge camp fire. I spent the next few weeks smelling like charred marshmallows. Daily tub baths and still that odor wouldn't go away. S'Mores had little appeal for me as I preferred two pound packages of Oreos or a couple of Baby Ruth candy bars (a no-brainer). Had I known that Dewar's Scotch existed the entire experience would have been better. At the time I could memorize entire sections of Jane Eyre, but the Girl Scout pledge eluded me from the get-go. On my honor, I will… whatever! One smart scout leader suggested we go snipe hunting and I was the only dumb kid to embark on such a phony endeavor. The lack of toilet and shower facilities was the last straw. Actually, the last straw was when we were whittling flutes out of tree branches and I nearly severed two fingers. I was immediately transported to the ER at Overlook Hospital and from there to my warm, comfortable home, never to darken the Girl Scout doors again. I will treasure the memory of having TRIED to be scout mate- rial. And to this day, with the exception of Hurricane Sandy, I am usually prepared for anything. I wished I had pursued the art of cheerleading in high school. It wasn't that I had any knowledge or desire of football – which I still think is a waste of time. However, wearing that tight top and short skirt and waving blue and white tassels in the air was an indication that you were a school leader – probably a cute and sexy one, and the guys would line up to ask you to the prom. Alas, my body top was top-heavy and my legs too short and there was no way I would become a member of the "clique" who became cheerleaders and who wore several guys' class rings around their necks. I was editor of the high school newspaper, a member of the Honor Society and I did my homework the minute I got home from school. What a nerd! I was also Class Actress but I was never a leading lady, most always playing comic characters with a big butt and a weird accent. Another lost pursuit was a career as a dancer. Dressed in black velvet shorts and a long-sleeved white satin blouse I wasn't half bad. But as I matured the top-heavy part of me hindered my performances – all that bouncing up and down almost resulted in a fractured jaw. My life as a tutu-clad ballet dancer was short lived as well. "Lacked grace" someone lamented. Ballroom dancing was fairly successful although I wasn't especially fond of sitting on the sidelines waiting for some dumb boy to ask me to fox-trot. My best moves were with my high school "steady" when we took lessons in a cramped room over a Chinese restaurant on Front Street in Plainfield. No one could boogie-woogie to Tommy Dorsey like we could. But alas, no career materialized. I wonder if my life would have been dramatically different if I'd met with any success in the above challenges? Chances are, I didn't miss so much after all is said and done. We'll never know. I hope you all have a Very Hay Valentines' Day! –Julie Fl�nn CLINTON TOWNSHIP Newsletter ® Since 1982 Missed Opportunities b y R u t h K e e s i n g Jie Fly, Edit Feu 2015 "Where there is love there is life." ~ Mahatma Gandhi EDITOR'S COLUMN b y J u l i e F ly n n

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