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C L I N TO N TOW N S H I P N ews l e t t e r ® "Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale." September – Lauren DeStefano, Wither J u l i e F ly n n , E d i t o r 2013 "Beware TV Ads" by EDITOR'S COLUMN Ruth Keesing There's a TV ad for something called Latisse for "inadequate" eyelashes. You put this stuff on your eyelashes and within six weeks they will have grown to be lush and glamorous. Meanwhile your eyes may get red and itchy and your lids may be permanently discolored in addition to other assorted unpleasant side effects. Maybe someone can explain to me why anyone would subject herself to such a procedure to achieve longer eyelashes. The concept of looking younger makes me LOL. Every magazine ad coaxes us to purchase expensive, unnecessary products to enhance our appearances. I think the secret to looking younger is having a real sense of humor when you look in the mirror. I think it's having lots of friends and wonderful supportive children and grandchildren. My eyelashes, like my legs, have seen better days. But gunking them up with Latisse is a no-brainer. There are dozens of creams and lotions to get rid of wrinkles. I seriously doubt the success rate of any one of those products. My wrinkles are the result of 85 years of worrying and laughing–and nothing can change that. The TV ad that really causes me to question a manufacturer's sanity is one in which the wife is all aglow because she has changed to a new brand of toilet paper. This results in her husband kicking up his heels and suggesting they go somewhere and dance. If only I had known that when Fred was alive. He was not especially eager for a night out tripping the light fantastic. Obviously I was using the wrong brand of john paper. I get a kick out of Bob-0-Pedic and his price-reduced mattresses and furniture. Is TempurPedic doing something wrong? Is their stuff worth that much more? Do you remember the little girl who used to pull open hide-a-beds in sofas? What I don't recall is the brand of furniture. She is probably 95 years old by now resting in that big hide-a-bed in the sky. There's the Fiber Man who convinces shoppers that his brand of cereal contains a day's worth of fiber... not cardboard. There are all those little "mucus" people who compete with Advil for getting rid of a cold. There's now an "At Home Electric Shock Kit" (I kid you not!) How gullible do ad executives think we are? Apparently, quite a bit, considering the millions of dollars spent to entice and seduce us to spend our hard-earned cash. Beware! ...And as for that Cheerios Bee, I'm ready to swat him hard! S e p t e m b e r "There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home." –Rosalynn Carter Do you ever find yourself wishing you could take a peek inside other peoples' houses? I love well-designed interiors, and I appreciate delicious food, so last October I was thrilled to be invited to the very first "Kitchens of Hunterdon Tour" which benefits SAFE in Hunterdon. SAFE's mission is to "...empower adult and child survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, while collaborating with our community to prevent violence and create positive social change." Expecting to just see a couple of great kitchens, and to perhaps enjoy a couple of tasty morsels, I was thrilled to run into at least two dozen friends, peek through several gorgeous homes and sample incredible food at every turn. The fact that it was a gorgeous day was serendipitous and, by chance, finding a couple of wild and crazy friends to take the tour with: Laura Gilligan, Ilene Kaplan, Jill Kirchberger, Mary Obermaier, Gabrielle Severini and Lisa Woolhouse, made the afternoon really special. (So, whaddya' say ladies, same time this year?) As well as that party-posse, I was delighted to see my good friends Amy Schwartz and Ann Porter, selling their beautiful jewelry! I'm looking forward to seeing what vendors are there this year (and I need to remember to actually give myself time to shop). This year's Kitchens of Hunterdon Tour is a definite Fall-Must-Do! It will be held on October 16, from 10:00 am-3:30 pm, rain or shine. Personally, I'm hoping for "shine" and I know I'm not alone with that wish. So, what exactly is a "kitchen tour"? You'll drive at your own pace from home to home (about a half-dozen homes total) while enjoying the Fall beauty in Hunterdon County. You'll see a selection of beautifully staged, exceptional kitchens and get to check out some of the other rooms on the first floor. In each kitchen, one of Hunterdon County's finest chefs will await you, ready to serve small bites of their delectable creations. You'll want to give yourself a minimum of 2 hours just for the quick tour, but you should multiply that by at least one-and a-half if you know a lot of people in Hunterdon County and are a bit chatty (as I am). Interested in being a Tour Sponsor or Good Taste Contributor? How about volunteering in one of the kitchens? Have a great idea? Email: To purchase tickets online, or for more information, visit Tickets bought in advance cost $30, and on the day of the event cost $35, so you might want to buy them early. Get a fun group of friends together and make a day of it! Social time, plus delectable food, plus inspiration for your own kitchen... fantastic! The only downside to last year's tour for me? Coming home to my own, sadly-lacking kitchen. No chef awaited, only hungry teens. However, what my own kitchen lacks in good design, I think it makes up for in love. While not everyone can come home to a gorgeous kitchen (with an eager and willing chef), every child and adult in Hunterdon County deserves to return each day to a home that's safe. Help make this a possibility – buy a ticket for the 2013 Kitchens of Hunterdon County Tour. You'll be glad you did. See you there! 2 0 1 3 –Julie Flynn 1

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