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2 j u l y 2 0 2 1 W W W . C L I N T O N T W P N E W S L E T T E R . C O M SHADES | MOTORIZED SHADES | BLINDS | DRAPES | PLANTATION SHUTTERS You Deserve Them! 908.236.2688 14 Lebanon Plaza n C U S T O M PA I N T F I N I S H Transformations for Your Cabinetry & Furniture • D E S I G N 9 0 8 . 8 3 2 . 6 0 3 2 T E W K S B U R Y Locally Owned and Operated by Phil & Diane Koury 185 Center St., Clinton | 908.735.4499 Ask Officer Raff: Dear Officer Raff, Does the Clinton Township Police Department have officers specifically trained in mental health crisis intervention? From, A Concerned Relative Dear Concerned, All police officers in NJ have received numerous hours of training, as required by the NJ Police Training Commission Basic Course for Police Officers, involving techniques for dealing with stress, awareness of emotional reactions, crisis intervention, dealing with individuals with special needs, problem solving and verbal and non-verbal communications. Our officers also receive regular updates and refreshers on handling calls involving individuals with special needs, mental illness and de-escalation techniques. A number of our officers are further certified by the NJ Crisis Intervention Team Center of Excellence ( In addition, Hunterdon County's STaR program is available to all residents ( and can be a helpful tool for families of individuals with special needs, developmental disabilities, etc. to provide information about their loved ones to law enforcement, in case a police response is needed. As always, if you need a police response for an issue involving someone in crisis or an individual with special needs, please try to provide responding officers with as much information as possible, so we are able to keep everyone safe. – Sincerely, Officer Raff Dear Officer Raff, My next-door neighbor's teenage son and his friends have decided that heavy metal is their thing, and now they play it every chance they get in the boy's garage – really LOUDLY. I remember I used to love loud music when I was his age, but now I (and my family) just want peace and quiet. Requests to turn it down haven't worked. What can I do? Signed, Serenity Now Dear Serenity Now, We always recommend trying to talk to your neighbors and work these sorts of issues out informally, if possible. However, if talking to your neighbors and asking to have the music turned down is not having the desired effect, you may have legal recourse. There are noise ordinances in Clinton Township that address several noise complaints, including barking dogs, construction equipment and other loud noises, such as music. You can always call our non-emergency number: 908.735.7233, and request an officer to respond. The officer will attempt to assist you in mediating the situation and ascertaining if the loud music is a violation of Township noise ordinances. The officer will document the incident and direct you to the Municipal Court for further action. These ordinances may be found here: https:// Any resident who wishes to sign a complaint against another for violation of these noise ordinances may do so by visiting the Municipal Court, located at 1370 Route 31, Annandale, third floor. – Sincerely, Officer Raff Dear Officer Raff, The speed limit on our road is 35 mph, but people drive down it like it was the Autobahn! How do we get one of those 'this is your speed' thing-ys for our street, to slow down these crazy drivers? Sincerely, Slow The Heck Down(!) Dear Slow Down, We welcome residents to call our non-emergency number: 908.735.7233, regarding speeding complaints or any traffic concern in Clinton Township. Alternatively, residents may visit our website, and click on the "Contact Us" tab, where they will find the link to report a traffic complaint ( We will set up the speed sign, if appropriate, and direct patrol officers to concentrate enforcement efforts in problem areas. – Sincerely, Officer Raff Dear Officer Raff, I love seeing the American flags flying on local bridges, but it saddens me to see them become weather damaged and torn up by the wind. I was thinking of painting an American flag on the side of a bridge near my house. Is this okay? Signed, Little Miss USA Dear Little Miss USA, While we admire your patriotism, please know that it is unlawful to paint anything, even an American flag, on any property not belonging to you, without the owner's permission (according to N.J.S.A. 2C:17-3). If you are caught spraying graffiti in New Jersey, even if it's considered patriotic, you can face criminal charges. You may, however, show your patriotic spirit by flying (or painting!) as many American flags on your own property, as you wish. I hope you and the rest of the CTNL readers all have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July! – Sincerely, Officer Raff n Officer Raffaella Vastola grew up locally in Kingwood Township. She has been in law enforcement for over 18 years, serving almost seven years with CTPD. She and her husband currently live in Raritan Township with their five children, two of whom serve in the military (Marine Corps and the Navy). Officer Raff thinks Clinton Township is a wonderful place to work, live and a raise a family, and she is very proud to serve and protect our community with a dedicated group of men and women who help to keep it that way for everyone. n

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