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2 J a n u a r y 2 0 2 1 W W W . C L I N T O N T W P N E W S L E T T E R . C O M C U S T O M PA I N T F I N I S H Transformations for Your Cabinetry & Furniture • D E S I G N 9 0 8 . 8 3 2 . 6 0 3 2 T E W K S B U R Y SHADES | MOTORIZED SHADES | BLINDS | DRAPES | PLANTATION SHUTTERS You Deserve Them! 908.236.2688 14 Lebanon Plaza n Ruth Keesing, with her second husband Fred, began the Clinton Township Newsletter in 1982. Ruth often delighted in telling stories about her high school classmates, and how close they all were. Looking through her senior yearbook, Class of 1945, it seemed like they had so much fun... despite the fact that a major war was happening overseas. 6 0 Y E A R S A N D C O U N T I N G by Ruth Keesing (from 2 0 0 5) Preparing for my high school's 60th reunion was nothing short of traumatic. I wanted to dazzle any former boyfriends who might attend and impress their tacky wives as well. No longer possessing a size 8 figure and long blonde tresses, I took the route of Lady Clairol. The dye that covered my gray hair washed out after two shampoos, but the dye on my cheeks and forehead lasted two weeks and gave me a nasty rash. Lucky I did a trial run on hair color. What about the wrinkles? When I finally got the courage to consider a face lift it was last Tuesday and the reunion was Saturday. Scratch that idea. No way to lose 20 pounds in the time left so I concentrated on a belly- hiding frock. After all, I was to be Mistress of Ceremonies, and to be a Mistress at my age was, in itself, a thrill. Scrounging through closets filled with sweatsuits and tee shirts I finally found a few A-lines that could accommodate my expanded waistline (what waistline?) and complement my flat orthotic-filled shoes. Ready or not, October 15 arrived - as did I at the Basking Ridge Marriott. The good-looking ex-heart throb was still handsome. In fact, most classmates seemed to glow. In a word, we looked kind of "robust"! Like fine wine we had aged remarkably well. It helped to have name tags, but in a flash you could match the face on the name tag with the 60-years-later face in person. Surprisingly, there was little talk about illnesses, surgeries, medications or arthritic joints. Even less about children and grandchildren. We focused on the "good old days" at Westfield H i g h S c h o o l a n d s h a r e d countless stories of adolescent escapades. It was as if only 60 DAYS had passed since we had last seen each other. The passage of time may have dimmed a few eyes and ears, but not the bittersweet memories of those years between 1942 and 1945. Gosh it was good to be together again! Some of our classmates w e r e k i l l e d i n W W 2 , having left the class to join the service. The "In Memoriam" list was much too long. But revisiting the Tums/ Prunes/Maalox crowd was a real blast. Will there be a 65th? At my age I don't plan that far ahead. I don't even buy green bananas anymore. But memories of the night of October 15 are going to keep me smiling for a good long time. 185 Center Street, Clinton 908.735.4499

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