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2 o c t o b e r 2 0 2 0 W W W . C L I N T O N T W P N E W S L E T T E R . C O M Locally Owned and Operated by Phil & Diane Koury 185 Center St., Clinton | 908.735.4499 Uber Eats Code: mcds2020 $5 Off first order on Uber Eats (new users only) DoorDash Code: DASHMCD $5 off $15 McDonald's orders on DoorDash for new and existing customers Grubhub Code: MCDSFD2020 Get $0 delivery fee on your first Grubhub order of $12+ NOW is a GREAT TIME to put your house on the market! Considering Buying, Listing, or Selling? the Right Realtor Really Makes the Difference! Call Sherry, Your Clinton Township Specialist & Neighbor. Shirley (Sherry) Havens Sales Associate cell: 908.507.4927 office: 908.735.8080 T A C K L I N G T E C H N O L O G Y by Ruth Keesing My first encounter with a computer was while working at Bellcore where my boss informed me that I MUST learn to use one because the people reporting to me would soon all be using computers. At the time I thought it was just a fad like my pet rock and my Chia Pet. That my typewriter would soon become obsolete never entered my mind. Now even Celebrex is on the endangered list. Of course we use computers here at Keesing Publications and I'm a regular whiz at email and Word and can Google with the best of them. But if the truth be known I am totally in awe of the powers of any computer. I'm totally in awe of cell phones and DVDs and Blackberrys and iPods and really cannot figure out how simply pressing a few buttons on the telephone keypad enables me to talk to my friend, Marjorie, in Walnut Creek, California. When I entered this world in 1928 life was technologically simpler. We didn't even have to dial a telephone number -- just recited Westfield 2-3114 to a pleasant operator and we were im- mediately connected. We phoned Dr. Staub, he often answered the call himself, and explained he'd be by within the hour to check on Ruth's sore throat. No pushing a dozen buttons in response to a dozen menus and a final impersonal order to either suck it up or return to the main menu. My Dad had a huge tape recorder and we thought it was the cleverest invention since sliced bread. He would secretly record the conversations of our visitors and then play them back, often to their dismay. Although a few visitors never returned, most were amazed and delighted at this magic machine and my Dad's ingenu- ity. Now that machine has gone the way of outdoor toilet facilities and you can record 500 musical selections on a 3" x 4" iPod. Things are just moving too fast for me to cope. I need a techno- logical sabbatical. And, by the way, I have no desire to learn what my DNA Genome's thoughts are regarding what disease I'm likely to die of. My guess is it will be from stress from trying to keep up to speed on the technology treadmill. Incidentally, I just got a MacBook laptop, so I'm off and running again. If only technology could cure arthritis!! C L I N T O N T O W N S H I P N e w s l e t t e r ® from the O c t o b e r 2 0 0 8 Good morning, Ms. Flynn, Although I respect Roberta Orzepowski's right to her opinion, I think she went a bit overboard in her comments to you. When I read your Editor's column (in the August 2020 issue) regarding your summer vacation plans and the visits from your son's friends, it was assumed that you took all the necessary precautions you needed to in order to be safe. You have such a beautiful writing talent, and from a writer's standpoint, I'm sure that letter stung because you were only trying to share something personal, of truth, during a time when we're all trying to make sense of this confusing world. From a parent perspective, it's obvious you would never put your family in harm's way. My hope is that you get more positive and supportive feedback on this month's Editor's column (September) rather than additional, unnecessary admonishments. Thank you for giving our community this Newsletter. My family moved here six years ago and the information you provide has been so helpful through the years. Now go take a moment to look out your window, soak in the beautiful sunshine, and smile because there are people out there, like me, who appreciate the work you do. Take care, Gina Holliday

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