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2 N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 8 Don't Just Retire... Retire Strategically. Mark Chioda Managing Director/CEO • Income Planning • Insurance • Social Security Planning • Annuities • LTC ...and more! Call 908.797.3881 We'll Make Your Money Work For You! retirement planning services Vraylan, Eliquis, Linzess, Neulasta, Entresto, Taltz, Humira, Vacebo, Repatha. In the course of a one hour TV show and browsing through a magazine during commercials, all of the above prescription medications were mentioned and promised to be the answer to every medical problem from arthritis to zica. What is this world coming to. We all know we can't march into a drug store and demand one of these without a valid prescription. So, are we supposed to bribe our doctors to prescribe the appropriate stuff for whatever ailments exist in our bodies? Will they be obliged to honor our requests or, instead, will sanity prevail? Nothing beats medicine ads depicting failing hearts, tubes of oxygen trailing from room to room and grotesquely deformed facial features from smoking. The after effects from today's "cures" are twice as deadly as the disease itself. My favorite 30 minute television shows are actually only 15 minutes because half the time I'm being saturated with commercials. I am aware that many of our Newsletter readers are affiliated with some of the pharmaceutical giants. And everyone has to make a buck. But c'mon!! Talk about annoying commercials. I could cheerfully take a fist to Flo and her Progressive Insurance ads. I dislike that curly-headed young man heralding the joys of FIOS ad nauseum. And please take away that little girl with the horrible nasal twang selling KIA automobiles. I recently suffered from a nasty, persistant skin rash on my upper thigh. Three doctors and seven kinds of salves and soaks and oral meds later I'm still scratching my backside in public. Apparently there continues to be much to learn about treating assorted ailments. I find volunteering at the HMC Cancer Center to be an uplifting experience. I see, firsthand, the success patients attain and celebrate along with them the prospect of a full life for the future. But I can't imagine HMC's cancer experts being coerced into prescribing medicines based on TV or magazine ads. I guess print and media products depend on advertisement revenue to exist. And I try not to begrudge them a reasonable amount of my time fulfilling their needs. But it seems more like overkill to me. I will remain a faithful user of Clopedigrel and Benezadril for as long as necessary to preserve this little old lady from Lebanon. But I also depend on good old-fashioned Vicks Vapor rub and salt water gargles to remedy minor ailments. We need you, pharmaceuticals (like we need root canal and Shirley (Sherry) Havens CRS, GRI, SRES ® Sales Associate Questions About Real Estate? Call Sherry, Your Clinton Township Specialist & Neighbor – Because the Right Realtor Really Makes the Difference.! Over 30 Years Serving Huntercon, Somerset, Warren and Morris Counties cell: 908.507.4927 office: 908.735.8080 Ruth Keesing's booklet "What Do I Do Now? A practical guide for surviving the tasks associated with the death of a loved one", addresses Probating a Will, Social Security, Military Benefits, Funeral Information and other relevant subjects. And, most importantly, What To Do While Everybody is Still Alive. If you'd like to buy a copy, please email Ruth @ Locally Owned and Operated by Phil & Diane Koury 185 Center St., Clinton 908.735.4499 colonoscopies). Just not so much. I'll know I'm finally in heaven when all the shows are free of commercials. E n g l i s h T E a , a n y o n E ? T h e W o m a n ' s C l u b o f T e W k s b u r y h o s T s T h e i r T r a d i T i o n a l h o l i d a y s i l v e r T e a This tradition began 40 years ago when the Woman's Club of Tewksbury was first started - it was a way to celebrate the holidays and to add to the silver collection that we now have - a beautiful tea service. The tea will be served as a traditional English tea with cucumber sandwiches and scones with lemon curd (along with a lot of other delicious treats). Please be sure to join us to kick off your own holiday traditions! Tuesday, December 4 at The Manor (behind the Oldwick Firehouse), 9: 30 am for our meeting and luncheon. The Old Turnpike School Choir will be performing! "We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count." ~ Neal A. Maxwell

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